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Heinen Co LLC Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Heinen Co LLC! Please carefully read the following terms and conditions (the "Terms") that govern your use of our website (the "Site"), Heinen Co LLC Services, and associated materials.


By visiting the Site, you express your agreement to these Terms. The last modification date of these Terms is January 29, 2024. Heinen Co LLC owns The Daring Daughters brand and trademarks, and for simplicity, will be referred to as Heinen Co LLC hereafter.

Material and Services Usage

A. General UseYou agree not to utilize Heinen Co LLC Material and Services for any purpose contrary to local laws or that would violate these Terms.

B. Final Document LicenseWhen you access products through a free trial, subscription, or payment, a License is granted for using Final Documents in accordance with specified Terms.

License Termination

You may terminate a License as outlined on the order page, account area, or help documentation. Heinen Co LLC reserves the right to cancel sales or Site access at any time, with charges applied only for the active period.

Transaction Limitations

If not part of a transaction involving a Final Document, or if obtained through a free trial, you cannot engage in new transactions using the Final Document one month after the product access expires.

Payment and Access

To access products, you must provide credit card details. Charges are made in the currency of your selected country.

Legal Advice Responsibility

Heinen Co LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Users are responsible for legal decisions and are encouraged to seek licensed legal counsel for significant matters.

Program Modifications

Heinen Co LLC reserves the right to make changes to its programs.

Recording Consent

Some of our products and services contain calls that are recorded for purposes of reference for listen back of the participant's value. You consent to audio and visual recording. Participants must lawfully agree to participate and consent to being recorded.

Usage Restrictions

To the extent allowed by law, you agree not to publish, license, modify, or use Heinen Co LLC Material for automated systems. Licenses are non-transferable.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights of Heinen Co LLC Material belong to Heinen Co LLC and its suppliers. You have no right to use any intellectual property except as explicitly provided in these Terms.


Except as expressly provided, Heinen Co LLC Material and Services are provided "as is." You assume responsibility for suitability and protect against consequential damages.

Liability Limitation

Maximum liability is the amount paid by the customer. Guarantees and refunds are subject to specified limitations in Heinen Co LLC Material.

Client Privacy

Personal information usage is governed by Heinen Co LLC's Privacy Policy.

Electronic Records

Consent is given to receive information electronically. Withdrawal of consent results in the inability to use the Site, Materials, or Services.

Governing Law

The Terms are governed by the laws of the the state of Arizona Arbitration.


Heinen Co LLC may change these Terms at its discretion, with notice of pricing increases.


If any provision is invalid, the remainder of the Terms will remain in full force.


No failure or delay by Heinen Co LLC constitutes a waiver of rights.

Whole Agreement

Except as explicitly set forth, these Terms constitute the entire agreement, superseding any other communications or materials.

These revised Terms are effective as of the last modification date.

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Terms and Conditions