Our Mission

At The Daring Daughters, our mission is to harness the transformative synergy of prayer.

We offer:

Biblical Wisdom

The empowering guidance of the Holy Spirit

A close-knit community of believers.

About Our CEO

The heart of our mission:

Gretchen Heinen.

20-year veteran to entrepreneurship

Experience in both single and multi-family real estate development.

Has done consulting for 7-figure businesses.

C-corp start-up founder.

Gretchen hosts the impactful podcast, Daring Daughters, sharing stories of unconventional wealth creation worldwide.

The podcast is listened to in 70 countries and has over 80,000 downloads.

Gretchen has been featured on dozens of podcast and is a sought after Keynote speaker. She believes true wealth is the freedom to shape life without financial constraints and is not dollar amount dependent.

As a foster, step, and biological mom, Gretchen redefines family through love. She's committed to empowering more foster parents so that we can eliminate the statistic that 80% of foster care youth end up in the justice system and human trafficking.

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