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We call women higher in their faith, family and income. We help you grow your calling (business or otherwise) without sacrificing your life and boldly step into a new level of faith in God.

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Laws of Generosity, Contentment and Employability

Laws of Generosity, Contentment and Employability

In our journey as Christian women entrepreneurs, aligning our business practices with biblical principles is crucial. Today, we'll explore three transformative laws from 'The 25 Biblical Laws of Succe... ...more

Sales ,mindset overwhelm stress &Leadership

July 16, 20244 min read

How to Give and Receive Feedback: Laws of Advice, Leadership and Gratitude

How to Give and Receive Feedback: Laws of Advice, Leadership and Gratitude

Today, we're diving into an insightful review of the book 'The 25 Biblical Laws of Success' by William Douglas and Rubens Teixeira. We'll be focusing on Chapters 19, 20, and 21, which cover The Law of... ...more

Sales ,mindset overwhelm stress &Leadership

July 10, 20244 min read

Are You Unintentionally Pushing Customers Away? - Laws of Love, Agreement and Usefulness: Summer Book Club Series

Are You Unintentionally Pushing Customers Away? - Laws of Love, Agreement and Usefulness: Summer Book Club Series

In this episode, we explore how your personality traits might be affecting your customer relationships and business growth. We dive into the subtle ways certain behaviors and attitudes can unintention... ...more

Sales ,mindset overwhelm stress &Leadership

July 03, 20245 min read

Daring Daughters Free Community

Our community consists of women of all different types of businesses at all stages. Our common bond is a desire to grow in our faith and in our business. These often overlap. If your faith is struggling, your confidence can too. If your business is struggling, your faith can become shaky.

We help with both.

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Are you the best kept secret in your industry?

Let's fix that

Learn a new capacity you didn't know was possible.

Deepen you relationship with your spouse, friends and children.

Increase your income and grow to achieve a level at which you are able to help more people.

We show you how through our free and all levels programs to help you grow.

Our Signature Method That Has Generated

$5M+ for our Clients


Phase 1 we step back and look at your life, your faith and your calling. We teach you how to hear the Holy Spirit, learn how to productively rest and learn how to hear the cries of your people so we can serve them.


Phase 2 you get clarity on how you are called to serve. We look at branding, setting up email marketing, landing pages, messaging and content creation. You learn the language of the people you are called to serve, how they describe their problems and what they need to be helped.


Phase 3 is where we teach you sales skills and the sales process as well as set up all your systems in order to take payment and make your online presence automated so that you can spend your time serving your people.


Phase 4 is to increase your product suite and also her your team. We teach a process of hiring unpaid college interns as your first onboards so that you can learn leadership and also help the next generation learn business.


Phase 5 is to create a succession plan for your business. Are you planning on selling? Passing it to your children? Is the income meant to help you in retirement or just get by? Are you planning on leaving a legacy with this business?

Sounds like a lot, huh?

While it can feel like a lot to step into those bold callings, we don't do it alone. This is what makes us different. We always lean into the Word of God for our source of strength and teach all levels and denominations of faith what it means to bring the Holy Spirit FIRE

into your life.

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