Keep your business organized (and with a SIMPLE plan) all on one Google Sheet

In any business venture, evaluating bookkeeping, strategy, planning, and sales and marketing is paramount for sustainable growth and success.

Bookkeeping serves as the backbone of financial management, providing insights into the financial health of the business and ensuring compliance with regulations.

A well-defined strategy and planning process help outline clear goals, identify potential challenges, and chart a course for achieving long-term success.

Additionally, sales and marketing efforts are essential for driving revenue and expanding the business's reach.

By evaluating these key areas, entrepreneurs can identify strengths, address weaknesses, and make informed decisions that propel their business forward.

Without proper evaluation and attention to these crucial aspects, businesses may struggle to thrive in today's competitive market landscape.

We do all that in the MASTERPLAN, plus add some Holy Spirit power.

What is included in The Masterplan?

  • Declarations

    Dedicated section to write decrees and declarations over your business. The Bible says there is LIFE and DEATH in the power of the tongue. We teach you how to speak life over your business.

  • Progress tracker

    This section is an area to keep track of what you are doing in your business and what are your next steps. This area is great to do with an accountability partner, coach/mentor or just to make sure you stay focused.

  • Income Mapping

    Next we map out your products and income potential and how they can stack together, factoring your life goals and dreams.

  • Annual Focus Areas

    Track your quarterly planning so you don't become overwhelmed and you can also see a realistic expectation of your goals.

  • Quarterly Planning

    Map out the efforts needed in each quarter to hit your targets.

  • Profit/Loss & Bookkeeping

    Track your progress through the year and make filing taxes a breeze.

  • Marketing and Sales

    A journaling section that breaks down the main components needed in your sales and marketing funnel.

  • Video tutorial

    A comprehensive video showing you exactly how to use each section of the spreadsheet.

  • Sales Pipeline Tracker

    Never lose track of a potential lead or sale. Great if you do not have a good CRM that you consistently use.

We use this plan on every client 1:1 call.

It works.


Clarity in the steps

She found the Masterplan to help provide clarity and also helped her to see that not all coaches are the same. I applied my advanced business knowledge into this plan and it will benefit you!


Planning for the future = more revenue

She loves the Masterplan quarterly planning so she can hit her goals faster.


Skeptical at first, but now a believer

She realized that business growth is going to require a new level of organization and planning.

What happens after I purchase?

The masterplan Google Sheet link is emailed to you immediately. You will make a copy to your own Google Drive and/or download to your computer and begin working on it.

***This comprehensive sheet is completely built and ready to use immediately. If you can enter a number or text in a spreadsheet cell, you can use this.***

Along with your purchase is an instructional video on how to use the Masterplan. Follow along with yours open.

Is this my next right step?

If you answer yes to at least 4 of these questions, then YES, this is your next right step.

"I think about growing my business the majority of the day."

"I research how to grow my business daily."

"I have 30 minutes each day to work on my business."

"I feel overwhelmed by doing my business and often times do nothing."

"I know what I need to do most days but for some reason feel paralyzed."

"Life gets in the way of my business (jobs, kids, commitments)."

"I know my life could look differently if I could figure this out."

"I am determined to be successful, even if I have to pivot to get there."

"I desire to create an impact that changes my own family and generations after."

"I believe faith is a big component to success."

"I have a way to pay my bills while I grow this business."

"My taxes are a mess each year."

"I am not profitable in my business."

This part is important to read...

  • There is NO 1:1 support for this masterplan. If your problem is lack of motivation, procrastination, depression or loneliness, this isn't going to solve that. But if those are symptoms of a problem of a lack of a plan, it can certainly help.

  • There is no tech support for this masterplan (you will need to have the skills to enter numbers or text into Spreadsheet cells for this tool to be effective for you). You don't need a lot of Google Sheets skills and if you do decide to get fancy on the sheet you can always watch some YouTube videos to help! We will send some out with your purchase that we find helpful.

  • NO REFUNDS due to the proprietary nature of this tool immediately upon purchase. And please, keep the integrity of the tool to people who have purchased it. Spreading it around and sharing it with your friends is not only against the law, it is a really bad way to show God you have integrity.

What if I buy this and it doesn't work?

If you use this plan, it will certainly "work". The definition of work is subjective. I designed this to keep you ORGANIZED. Only you determine if something is working. If you need more support than this spreadsheet I recommend you apply for our annual mastermind that starts each January.

Ready to get started?

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